G  A   U   G   E     S   K I N S 

L  C   D     S   I   Z   E   S








Turn your kit car or project build into an intelligent, and informative vehicle using the LCDi custom gauge system. Upgrade your analog, and mechanical gauges with a high resolution LCD screen and data acquisition module that monitors important vehicle and    engine parameters.

The LCDi suite is capable of merging several aftermarket accessories such as Climate Control, Suspension Lift systems, Electronic Engine start/stop, and many more devices.

Utilize inputs and outputs to automate routine functions without 3rd party software, or ECU programming. 

Consolidate all of your controllers, screens, gauges, and buttons onto a single touch panel that acts as a command center.

Bridge the gap between carbureted, or Fuel injected engines via the LCDi's stand-alone computer and your dashboard!

Each system contains a powerful mutl-core processor to handle complex polling, calculations, and high definition graphics.

All kits are equipped with all necessary sensors, and wiring to complete the installation.
There is no need to buy extra harnesses, modules, or software to utilitze standard features.

Have access to all of your vehicle
systems on one  control panel. 

Power windows, Media player,
Climate control,  GPS Navigation,
Engine start/stop, and
many other options.

Standard & custom LCD sizes available.
Sunlight readable, High definition, IPS

Carbon Fiber, and Fiberglass services
available to fit your interior and theme.